About Mr. Saqib Raja - Blue World City

About Mr. Saqib Raja – Blue World City

Mr. Saqib Raja, a prowess capable person is the Director of Blue Hills Islamabad. It is a privilege for Blue World city Islamabad that such prestige personality is part of its team.

He thrived a zealous or competitive sense from his abroad work experience. His ascendency as an entrepreneur is victorious. He aspires the vibe of all marketing tactics and works with the plan of action to attain high yielding results precisely.

Mr. Saqib Raja – Blue World City About Mr. Saqib Raja - Blue World City

He is a kind or altruistic person that performs his duties to serves his nation. His humanitarianism motivates others to be part of philanthropist nature and serve their homeland by helping mankind as much they can.

Mr. Saqib Raja has skills to manage multiple tasks on a daily basis while respecting firm deadlines and maintaining restrictions. He takes responsibility for obtaining constant and valuable results by introducing different marketing plans. Calling him a valuable asset of BWC is simply not wrong.

MK Marketing honourably pays tribute to MR. Saqib Raja for his generous work and wish him a bundle of luck for his alms giving work.
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