Blue World City Awami Villas

Blue World City Awami Villas is clearly approached for the progression of Pakistan by not forgetting lower class communities. It definitely minimizes the burden of the middle class and provides fruitful facilities at such low budget rates.

All the dreams will prove ineffectual within a minute and believe it’s not a good thing to feel. Considering this in mind Blue World City instigate a very reasonable package known as Blue World City Awami Villas.

Genuinely, It is called by the name of the lower-income class Villa. It is aimed to provide the luxuries of amenities of life to the lower-income class in a reasonable amount.

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Blue World City Awami Villas


Introduction Video

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Location Guidance

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Project Owner

It is a Blue Group of Companies project owned by Saad Nazir. Blue Group of Companies signed an M.O.U with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of China for its development.

Saad Nizr is a well renowned name who visionsied to give rise to the challenge of providing adequate quantities of housing and urban green spaces in an affordable reach.

He missioned to develop an affordable Awami villa that revolves around sustainable residential urban armament and social responsibility alongside the CPEC motorway road .

NOC Approval

Blue World Awami Villa is the project of Blue world City.

Blue World City Islamabad universal documentation and allotment have been completed.

Blue World City is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of Blue World City.

The Blue World City property will cover a total area of 1534 Kanal and 05 Marlas, and would be considered one of the largest housing companies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Pak China Friendly Housing Society

The Blue World City Awami Villas infrastructure is designed with such versatility that it comes in everyone range without any dubious uncertainty. It can be bennovalnant in many manners.

Blue World Awami villas is the first Pak-China Development . A collaboration that  seems like another feather in Blue world city  achievement cap.

That means,  this affordable and remarkable villa will be developed by chinese What is a more exciting and proud moment than this ? It not only facilitates good amenities to people in fact this collaboration will  make good relations with chinese and  will definitely open the gateway of flourishment which proves helpful for both countries.

As we all know, China is a  super power with all humbleness. We can achieve or learn chinese developed country a lot.

Awami Residential Complex Salient Features

A low budget project is abundant with lots of amenities .One can never regret investing in it because of its rich features.

The prominent features are mentioned below.

  • Neat and Clean Environment
  • 24/7 Security
  • Availability of Camera
  • Hospital
  • School and college
  • Commercial areas
  • Mosques
  • Wide and extensive road network
  • Maintenance center
  • Park
  • zoo
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Phone
  • Electricity

Blue World City Awami Villas

Location Map

The best part is the Blue World Awami Villa location. This Awami Villa is located right in proximity of both Islamabad and rawalpindi. Isn’t it such a desirable location.

Having an affordable place in a desirable location where all the leading brands are accessible with the amenities of life that are a few minutes away from you. It Doesn’t feel like a dream come true.

Oh yes! You are right. Not to worry Blue Word Awami villa fulfilling all your  desires in a pocket friendly budget.

Location Map is mentioned below to overview the location virtually

Blue World City Islamabad

How to Book Blue World City Awami Villas Plot?

The process to book this plan  is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • 1 copy of the owner’s identity card
  • 1 copy of the candidate’s identity card
  • 10% deposit in the form of cash, money order or online deposit.
  • Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad

Book A Plot With MK Marketing

Authorized Dealers

We are known as the best state advisor A name you can rely on.

Our Policy believes in  Professionalism, Satisfaction, and Security. We believe in the proficiency of people and keep our clients’ priority at first.

The well-known projects like Blue World City IslamabadPark View City, Khanial homes Park View city and Blue Hills country farm houses are topping the charts of MK Developers.

Simply click here and Book online with us. You are just a click away.

Payment Plan

Blue World Awami Single Story Villas is an affordable housing project from the Blue Group of Companies. It is available on an easy 5-year installment plan.

We are the provider of your desirable estate in convenience. Our service is not only consisted on easy intallment package but also guides in every step of booking.

We assumed a value service with well planned ideas so that one can easily afford our monthly installment plan for one-story villas

The detailed Awami Plan is mentioned below.

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Blue World City Awami Villas


Final Words

Resident in sereneful city like Islamabad is a clear catch and never a chance to miss.

A well facilitated villa with equitable amounts is simply a sheer call to investors. Divine infrastructure and hi tech security shows the commitment of the project.

So fix your place without having a second thought.Do not miss the chance for long term investment profit .

Blue World City

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