Blue World City Commercial Plots

2 & 4 Kanal Plots With Possession

Blue World City Islamabad commercial plots are the giant project of a blue group of companies. A project which provides you with a worth living lifestyle.

Considering all the benefits of high standard living in the range for the well being of its residents, this project is determined to build an infrastructure of this society with all the high-quality architecture work to maintain the class of its residents.

Moreover from location to facilities or easy instalment package to affordability ‘BWC commercial plots’ are a remarkable deal to invest in.

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Categorization Of BWC Commercial Plots

These commercial plots are categorized in different main categories which are as follows.


Boulevard Commercial (North)

The boulevard commercial plots are available in such convenient instalment plans. Let’s dig into details:

With the immediate construction plan, the 4 Kanal plots are available in an amount of 80,000,000 only. But hey!  Now you can avail the chance with a 10% down payment on 42 monthly instalments plan.

There is the hope of on-site construction with 3 months however non-compliance may result in cancellation. There will be an incentive for 100 on-site properties of free architectural design.


Business Square Commercial

If we talk about the business square commercial then it is available with such benevolent facilities. Some of them are mention below:


  • 4 Kanal, 2 Kanal plots with the amount of 6 crores and 3 crores respectively are available with 10% down payment with immediate possession of 42 monthly instalment plans.
  • There are good chances of on-site establishment with 3 months however non-compliance may result in cancellation.
  • There will be impulsiveness for 100 on-site properties of free architectural design.
  • Office management can be consulted regarding any Authorized consultant commission package.

Blue World City


Why Investing BWC Commercial Plots Is Beneficial?

Reason :

The mission is to provide and make it easy for the average class to get a home of their own choice along with all the luxurious facilities in an affordable budget under their market earning.

BWC commercial plots introduce a flexible instalment plan for their investors which is quite satisfactory and budget-friendly. A payment plan for this project is arranged according to the size of your area that decides right according to your ease.

Some Of The Other Prominent Features Are:

  • 24 hours availability of Water Gas and Electricity
  • Gated community
  • 24 hours security
  • Public Transport
  • Sports and Cultural Complex
  • Police Station
  • Well equipped Hospital
  • The wide network of carpeted roads and much more      
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Blue World City Commercial Plots

Location Map

The well-populated and attractive commercial plots are located on Chakri road near Islamabad’s new airport, It is a part of a blue world city and it shares the same edge as BWC has in the context of Its beautiful surroundings and eye-pleasing sights of Margalla hills of Islamabad. The exact location can be seen in the virtual map:

blue world city - commercial plots - location maps
blue world city - commercial plots - location maps 5
blue world city - commercial plots - location maps 5

Ballot and Possession

The general block IA balloting will regulate on 30th September 2020. The 90% cost of paid registration land is valid up till 30th Aug 2020. Every individual can entertain the ballot session even disregarding all due date procedures.

There will be the application of late payment charges as per already issued schedules against registration. As per timely announced policy, The possession will be offered to ballot customers in November December 2020.

Payment Plan For Commercial Plots

Book Plots With Us

Our Team is willing to provide the guidelines in such a way that makes it feasible for the investors so that it could become easier for them to invest with utmost satisfaction. This is a part of the BWC project and it is built to facilitate its low-income residents with the same obliged opulence to maintain their standard lifestyle.

How To Book Commercial Plots In Blue World City?

The process to book this plan is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • 1 copy of the owner’s identity card
  • 1 copy of the candidate’s identity card
  • 10% deposit in the form of cash, money order, or online deposit.
  • Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad
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1) Is Commercial plots a part of BWC?

BWC Commercial plot is a project of BWC and It is located on an ideal location in Islamabad, This initiative is based on a housing scheme in which the team can sell plots in a budget-friendly amount on easy instalment procedure to a middle-class community.

2) Is Blue World City a legal housing company?

Yes! The housing company is approved by the GDR and has also requested the renewal of the NOC for the extension area. Blue World City has the guarantee of a legal housing company.

3) When will the possession of plots be given in Commercial Plots?

The possession of plots will be granted in 3 to 4 years. Basically, possession will be granted to the plots in phase 1 of the company due to the early development of the blocks in this phase.

4) Are BWC commercial plots full of basic Amenities?

Yes, it is full of basic amenities of life like Water, Electricity, and Gas. It is the best choice to invest especially for middle-class communities in an economical range.

Final Words

This project has proved the fact that it is a fair deal to invest in from the above discussions. BWC commercial plots are all set to accomplish all the basic requirements of a luxury living for an average class.

Book your space in order to fulfil your dream of having an exceptional lifestyle that you have wished for.

Blue World City

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