Blue World City Overseas Block

The initial and premier introduced Overseas block is the main allurement of Blue world City. The block gives a dominion opportunity for overseas Pakistani to invest securely in Pakistan at a very reasonable rate. This overseas block is solely structured to fulfill the international standards living in Pakistan. The distinguished overseas block is enriched with high-quality features to urge overseas Pakistani to invest in a blue world city.

Islamabad is known as the beautiful capital of Pakistan. The addition of overseas block has impulsed many people to invest and buy property here because of its lush green areas and serene areas from all over the world. Isn’t it Amazing?

Having a property in your homeland with such reasonable rates is simply a dream come to the true decision to make in a hurry.

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Introduction Video

BWC is selling out an ideal spots for farmhouses in budget friendly and economical packages. Let’s have a glimpse of Blue hills country farmhouses in detail.

Mission And Vision Of Project Owner

It is a Blue Group of Companies project owned by Saad Nazir. Blue Group of Companies has signed an M.O.U with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of China for its development.

Saad Nazir is a good and well-esteemed name who has the vision to provide a high standard block to the overseas investors which must have all the qualities to compete with all the international stranded in a convenient way.

He missioned to develop a magnificent overseas block that must be indulged with superlative traits to meet the desires of its buyer in all ways to sustain a residential urban armament and social responsibility alongside the CPEC motorway road.

Classification of Housing schemes

The administration of Blue World City is honoured by the launch of “Overseas Block”, This block is highly furnished and awarded with international standard requirements to offer an ideal living to foreign residents and foreigners coming to Pakistan for CPEC.

Overseas Block is categorized into five major residential clusters designed separately for each category with the following tags:

  • Bluebell Cluster holds 7 Marla Plots and Villas
  • Lilly Cluster holds 10 Marla Plots and Villas
  • Lavender Cluster holds 14 Marla Grounds and Villas
  • Kanal plots of daffodils cluster 1
  • Kanal plots of the Desert Rose Cluster 2v
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Why Overseas Block is the Limelight Of Blue World City

The Blue World City Overseas Block is in limelight from the day of its launch. The overseas block set standards and specifically configured the plan to benefit overseas investors.

What a tremendous block with prime and five-star excellence is intently visioned to counsel and lead the way of overseas investors who really desired to invest in their homelands and want fruitful investment results in advance.

The blue world is the mega project of the Blue Group of the company. Blue World city in itself is penetrated with a lot of amenities. It is situated in an ideal location in Islamabad and has all the features that one can wish to find before investing its money

Why This Block Is Clear Catch for Investors?

You are wondering how this Block will be a clear catch? Well Great! Here is presenting some valid and authentic reasons that show it is a clear catch to invest instantly. These are:

Canal Signature Villas

We are proud to present most of the modern smart villas on the canal bank which is connected to the main Lake District. It is a unique design offering the ultimate luxury of enjoying the water of the canal in your garden in which you can park your own boat.

Main Business District

The very unique design of the main commercial area around a magnificent lake in the centre of the overseas block which has direct access from each cluster.

City walk

Urban walking is a new concept in the world and the management of Blue World City has seized the opportunity to design and build the very first CITY WALK in Pakistan. It is a beautiful walking trail surrounding a central lake near the main shopping area allowing people to shop, as well as enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake.

Blue World City


NOC Approval

Property Division :

Overseas Block is the project of Blue world City.

Blue World City Islamabad universal documentation and allotment have been completed.

Blue World City is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed, and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of Blue World City.

The Blue World City property will cover a total area of 1534 Kanal and 05 Marlas and would be considered one of the largest housing companies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Overseas Block Features

If you are looking for a block with limitless and infinite facilities then you are on the right page. This Overseas block is exclusively designed for overseas Pakistanis to meet all the international standards witty the  inclusion of all modern facilities.

For Instance:

  • Closed community

  • Door entry system identified

  • 24 hour CCTV security monitoring

  • E-Tag system
  • Waiting area for guests

  • 24-hour hospital with ambulance service

  • Overseas Lounge Club

  • Mosque

  • Park and jogging tracks

  • Playground

  • Mini-golf

  • Blue Mart department store chain

  • Green service area

  • Sports Complex

Location & Map

The project is gaining a lot of attraction due to local and international investors for its workable and eye-catching location.

The overseas block of Blue World City can be directly accessed from Chakri Road. It also has its own gate designated directly by the main gate currently under construction in the city of Blue World.

The housing project will also be accessible from the Rawalpindi ring road and will link this area to the M-2 highway and the main city of Islamabad over the next 2 years.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses Location Map

Payment Plans

Blue World Overseas Block is available on such easy and convenient installment plans on a yearly basis with reasonable discount offers.

We believe in providing a desirable estate in a very favourable way. Our service not only consisted of easy instalment packages but also guides in every step of booking.

The detailed payment plan is mentioned below.

How To Book Plot in Overseas Block?

Documentation required for booking

The process of Blue hills country farmhouse is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

2 passport-size photos

1 copy of the owner’s identity card

1 copy of the candidate’s identity card

10% deposit in the form of cash, money order, or online deposit.

Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad

Why Choose Us?

We aimed at providing effortless service with a satisfying solution. We guide our buyers with the best choice and work hard to choose a suitable option for them.

We release all tensions of overseas investors by handling all the document matters from passport verification to documentation procedure. We provide the best help in the town.


1) What is the difference between the overseas block and the general block?

The overseas block is specifically designed for overseas Pakistani so that they can invest in their homeland. The general block is designed for local investors and they can easily avail the opportunity in approachable rates.

2) What is the advantage of buying in the overseas block?

The main advantage of the overseas block is you not only investing money but also securing a good place for long terms. A place which will be fruitful in the future with a lot of modern facilities.

2) Is Blue World City approved by RDA?

Yes, it is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Blue World City is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed, and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of Blue World City.

You can book this international standard base block with us.

Our Policy believes in  Professionalism, Satisfaction, and Security.

The well-valued projects like Blue Sword city Islamabad, Capital Smart City Khanial homes Park View city, and Blue Hills country farmhouses are topping the charts of MK Developers.

Simply click here and Book online with us. You are just a click away.

Final Words

The design of this block is planned according to international standards and using modern technology to provide improved life and business options to the citizens of Pakistan. It is planned with modern amenities, including the best road links and remarkable safety and entertainment features that set this project apart from the rest. Simply The best choice of best people!

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