Khanial Homes Islamabad

Talking about distinctive housing societies of Islamabad.Khanial Homes Islamabad is definitely a not to miss name. This society with prime and growing aspects is all investor’s favorite. Situated on prime location with an easy and comfortable significant features makes it different from other societies.

This prodigious housing society is packed with lots of key elements which are surely the one huge reason for its success.  A project of Khanial builders contains many outstanding features that your heart and mind will attract towards society automatically.

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Introduction Video

Khanial Homes Islamabad is one of the supreme housing society of Islamabad, It is equipped with all the basic amenities and has much to offer to its residents.

Location Guidance

Society is situated at a very advantageous location and it can be accessed from many points. It is easy to locate and have variety of plots in a reasonable range.

Owner And Developers

Khanial Homes Islamabad is the project of Khanial Builders As we all know the Khanial builder is a prominent and noteworthy name in the field of real estate. Honorable and principled builders project this housing society with consequential mission and vision.

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Project Plan Of Khanial Homes Islamabad.

Khanial Homes Islamabad is such a favorable society that it provides beyond comparison opportunities to its investors. It aims to supply all the luxe pf life in an approachable reach with the assurance of secure life living.

Area Coverage

This splendid project offers a huge land and area to its residents which consists of different sizes of non-residents plots and residential plots. All types of plots show that every kind of person can buy plots here easily.

The units are available with options of


  • 5 Marla residential
  • 7 Marla residential
  •  10 Marla residential
  • 20 Marla residential
  •  1 Marla commercial
  • 3 Marla commercial

The Main Attraction

This auspicious society has such beneficial attraction which is known as “Zama Farms”. A well designed and well-organized farm is projected to provide such a smooth feel of living in an affordable range. You can get this magnificently designed farm in the range of 3-Marla and 5-Marla houses and plots, 1 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 8 Kanal farms.

khanial Homes Islamabad

Vision And Mission

This society is clearly visioned to provide a better standard of living to the middle-class community. Mostly the tip listed housing societies are so much expensive that everyone can’t afford them it considers as a way out pf the league especially for the middle-class community. But Khanial homes have a mission to provide all the amenities of life in an affordable range. If though if the amount seems huge to pay at once it can be paid on installments which is convenient and in reach of every resident.

This society believes in providing all the basic needs and facilities of life with the planning of developing huge and commercial shopping centers and malls along with other advantages.

khanial Homes


Why It Is is beneficial for Investors to Invest?

Beneficial For Investors :

First and Foremost question which arouses in every investor mind is about long term progression and benefits of investing its money. How this society will give me benefits in the future with all basics needs? If you are asking the same question to yourself then its time to clear all doubts because your answer is Khanial Home Islamabad.

An easily reachable society situated near Chakri Road has some outstanding factors which surely show, how pre-eminent this society could be in the future for its investors. These are:

  • Proper Electricity Lines
  • No Sui Gas association Issues
  • Pleasant Environment
  • Broad Roads
  • Highly Maintained Society

Significance Of Khanial Homes Islamabad

This highly Secure housing society offers an excellent living without going out of your budget. Prime location with tranquil and pacific ambiance makes it an ideal choice for investors. This fast developed housing society aims to offer comfort at affordable price

Set forth in a pleasing and affordable proposal this society offers its residents the opportunity to seize their aims into reality. A luminous architecture is designed to meet all classes of society and aims to fulfill everyone’s dream of owning a house.

Some of its exceptional features are:

  • Schools, park,s, and hospitals

  • Markets in all sectors

  • Hotels, offices and vertical

  • Waterfront development

  • Commercial area reserved for women

  • Safari Park, Zoo & Theme Park

  • Business centers

  • Underground electricity

  • Securely closed community

  • Ecological environment

  • Integrated maintenance and security

  • Integrated maintenance and security

  • Sewage system

  • Solid waste management and disposal systems

 All the above-mentioned facilities make this society an incomparable and matchless developed society without any second thoughts. With the availability of all the updated amenities, it making the living of its residence simply soothing and reliable.

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Location Map

It is located very close to the new Islamabad International Airport. You will have an easy approach to the new Islamabad international airport if you are coming from the Thalian and Chakri interchange via the proposed ring road and the G.T road to Chakri.

DHA is also located very close to the project. If you travel via DHA then you can have easy and direct access to society.

The Islamabad Valley, CPEC Resorts, and Blue World City are also located near the housing company and the Sil River passes, opposite the project.

The exact location of the city can be seen by the virtual map.

NOC Approval

Khanial Homes Islamabad is the project of Khanial Brothers. Khanial Homes Islamabad universal documentation and allotment have been completed.

Everyone wants assurance that the society which he is planning to buy is approved or not? if it’s not then all the hard work goes vain. But if we talk about Khanial Homes Islamabad, It is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed, and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of Khnaial Homes Islamabad.

Khanial Homes Payment Plan

blue world city islamabad payment plan

How to Book Khanial Homes Islamabad Plot?

The process to book this plan is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

  • 2 passport-size photos
  • 1 copy of the owner’s identity card
  • 1 copy of the candidate’s identity card
  • 10% deposit in the form of cash, money order, or online deposit.
  • Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad

Book with an authorized dealer for the removal of all resident tension. With the detailed guidance and authentic and trustworthy help it assures you get a house of your dreams indeed. Simply discuss the idea of your house and let search us the best for you in no time.

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1) Is the Khanial home Islamabad approved by NOC?

t is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed, and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of Khnaial Homes Islamabad.

2) What is the main attraction Khanial Homes Islamabad?

“Zama Farms” is the main attraction Khanial Home Islamabad. A well designed and well-organized farm is projected to provide such a smooth feel of living in an affordable range.

3) Who is the owner of the city of Khanial Homes Islamabad?

The owners of this iconic housing company is Khanial Builders.

4) Where is it located?

Khanial Homes Islamabad is located on the strategic location of the city on the Chakri Islamabad highway next to Green Oaks and very close to Capital Smart City.

5) What are the reasons to invest in the Khanial Homes Islamabad?

It is particularly constructed to give the latest and improved lifestyle to average people who cannot afford much. The value and demand of this place are unmatchable because of its affordable range and best living environment. The basic reason to invest are: ● Proper Electricity Lines ● No Sui Gas association Issues ● Pleasant Environment ● Broad Roads ● Highly Maintained Society

Mk Authorized Dealer

We are the finest leading state advisors A name you can trust on. Our policy gives credence to Professional civility, Satisfaction, and Security. We maintain the proficiency of people and keep our clients’ priority at first.

The giant and fame gain projects like Blue Word City Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Khanial homes, Park View city, and Blue Hills country farmhouses are topping the charts of MK Developers.

Simply click here and Book online with us. You are just a click away.

Final Words

Khanial Home Islamabad is the best and guarantees to give you worth living. So don’t be late! Choose a suitable one! It’s high time to own your property. Invest Smartly.

This housing society is specially developed to give the latest and improved lifestyle with its excellence. It focuses on giving standard Living for average people. This well-constructed housing society is a package of all basic and lavish amenities in a pocket-friendly Investment.

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