Mr Saad Nazir Chairman Blue World City

Mr Saad Nazir Chairman Blue World City

Mr Saad Nazir Chairman Blue World City Is a well-famed and distinguished name of Blue World City Islamabad. He comes with the vision of providing requisite and appropriate quantities of housing and metropolis lush spaces in a reasonable approach.Mr Saad Nazir Chairman Blue World City

Ch Saad Nazir is a successful man with plentiful leadership qualities. It is the outcome of his superintendence that charting Blue Wold City in the lane of triumphant. His mastery of managerial skills is admirable for the accomplishment of such a gigantic housing society in such a short period of time.
It is the result of his tireless hard work that Blue World City has considered as one of the top leading International Standard Housing society of Pakistan.

He missioned to evolve and thrive an equitable and level headed housing society that goes around a viable and enduring residential. A society that fulfills all social responsibility in such a high esthetic or beautiful capital of Pakistan.

MK Marketing gratifyingly pays tribute to Ch Saad Nazir for his incredible services and wish him an ambitious life ahead.
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