Mr Sarfraz Gondal

Mr Sarfraz Gondal – Managing Director At Blue World City

Mr Sarfraz Gondal, a well stable name is the Managing Director of Blue World City Islamabad. He has manifested himself as one of the most trustworthy and reliable notabilities in the field of real estate. He is a prevalent personMr Sarfraz Gondal, who always prioritizes the importance of sales and marketing. He knows the worth of the marketing and sales that’s why he never neglects to brush up his marketing skills. This is his supreme observance of noticing marketing trends that Blue World City Islamabad captured all the limelight that this society deserves.

Besides, this Sarfraz Gondal is an intellectual person along with Ingrian managerial skills. He believes in the policy to manage and align things from top to end.

Not in the professional field, these are the inborn traits that can be clearly seen in it by a person as well. MK Marketing proudly pays tribute to a Sarfraz Gondal and wish him a successful career in all his future endeavors.

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