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Pak China Housing Society Islamabad

It is said: Home is a place where love resides, memories are created, Friends always belong, Laughter never ends.

Blue world city Islamabad is the assured epitome of above all. A residential area with multiple qualities is the most reliable investment of a progressive future.

Situated far away from the chaos of the main city. Blue world city consists of Residential plots, Commercials plots include Overseas block, Awami Complex Farmhouses, and Villasas well to freshen the mind and give the soul a soothing experience that is beyond expression.

Blue World City – A Blue Theme City blue world city

The blue world city is specifically designed as a class theme infrastructure. The blue theme of the project has been followed at every nook and corner of society. From bricks to Malls the blue theme depicts the versatility of the projects and symbolizes the enchantment of housing society with aesthetic feel. It is surely a mesmerizing attraction for investors in long terms.

Why It Is Known As Pak China Housing Society

Blue World City is a successful collaboration of Blue world company and China’s Municipal engineering company known as Shan Jian. With the investment in china’s leading company, this mega-project is going to be a Pak – Friendly Adventure in the future for sure.

This colossal cooperation is not only Pakistan’s first Pak China-friendly association but it is also going to strengthen the relations of two cities in all ways. This partnership will benefit in the following ways

  • The standards of society are highly maintained with the induction of Chinese skills and technology by Pakistani professionals. From commercial and economic zones to residential zones, the society maintains the international standard service by every inch.
  • A joint venture of two leading and renowned companies aims a long and reliable investment for its investors.
  • This exceptionally projected society is located very close to CPEC road. This exemplary housing society promises to provide secure accommodation to Chinese by prodigy such desirable location residence.
  • Not only the blueprint and architectural design of society make it a marvel of China-Pakistan friendship, but a specially designed block for Chinese residents also promote harmony and peace in the region and encourage foreign investment in the country.

This society will not only bring together the citizens of China and Pakistan, but it will also offer infinite commercial and residential opportunities to its residents.

Location Map

Located in adjacency to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad city makes an idealistic location for people to invest. The exact location can be visualized in the virtual map below:

Project Owner

This massive project launched by Mr. Saad Nazir. Saad Nazir is the owner of the Blue Group of Companies who signed with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of China for the projection of this tremendously flourished project.

His Vision

Saad Nizar is a well-famed and distinguished name with the vision of providing requisite and appropriate quantities of housing and metropolis lush spaces in a reasonable approach.

His Mission

He missioned to evolve and thrive an equitable and level headed housing society that goes around a viable and enduring residential. A society that fulfills all social responsibility in such a high esthetic or beautiful capital of Pakistan.

Blue World City Payment Plan

Blue world city Islamabad is offering 5 marlas, 8 marlas 10 marlas 1 Kanal 2 Kanal residential plots.

4 Kanal 8 Kanal farmhouse and 5 marlas and 8 marla commercial plots. with 3 and 4-year instalment plans for its investors. So what are you waiting for?

Avail the best opportunity and ensure a comprehensive standard living with a safe environment

The detailed payment plan of Blue World City can be seen below:

Awami Villa

Blue World City instigates a very reasonable package known as BlueWorld City Awami Villas.

Genuinely, It is called by the name of the lower-income class Villa. It is aimed to provide the luxuries of amenities of life to the lower-income class in a reasonable amount.

This villa is clearly approached for the progression of Pakistan by not forgetting lower class communities. It definitely minimizes the burden of the middle class and provides fruitful facilities at such low budget rates.

Blue World Awami Single Story Villas is an affordable housing project from the Blue Group of Companies. It is available on an easy 5-year instalment plan.

Overseas Block

 First come first serve base Overseas block is the main attraction of Blue world City. The block provides an advantageous opportunity for overseas Pakistani to invest safely in Pakistan at a very reasonable rate. This overseas block is solely designed to match the international standards living in Pakistan. The distinctive overseas block is abundant with high-quality features to urge overseas Pakistani to invest in a blue world city.

Blue Hills Country Farm Houses

The Blue Hills Country Farm Houses are the pre-eminent solution to a luxe lifestyle with a promising calmness of mind.

A well-structured layout farm gives divine and unmatchable peaceful surroundings to its residents.

Considering Investment in the Blue Hills Country Farm Houses one of the wisest decisions is not wrong.

Investment in blue hills country farmhouses is not only available in affordable rates but it also eases your life by giving:

  1. Comfort and Class
  2. Elite infrastructure.
  3. Trouble-free instalment plans
  4. Secure your future at affordable rates.

Awami residential complex

The Awami residential complex illustrated by architects and designers to provide you with a resplendent and opulent lifestyle.

The location of this awe-inspiring complex is aligned to the main city with direct access to Chakri Road, one of the most requested areas near Islamabad International Airport.

The Awami complex includes a number of different size apartments and duplex villas, which absolutely channelize the unique architecture of Awami Complex.

Here are the categories of apartments offered in residential Awami complex:

  • Studio 37 m2
  • Family Apartment 1 bed 550 ft2
  • 830 square foot 2 bedroom Family Apartment

There are 3 categories available in the duplex villas indicated as below:

  • 675 square feet Ground floor
  • 675 square feet First floor
  • 675 square feet, second floor

What are the Salient Features of Blue World City Islamabad

Saying Replica of Blue mosque ”the heart” of Blue World City is not wrong. Inspired by Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey, Blue World City builds a replica of Blue mosque to preserve Islamic values and fairly represent the supplementation and theme of Blue World City.

Some of the other prominent features are:

  1. 24 hours availability of Water Gas and Electricity
  2. Commercials Hubs Schools and colleges
  3. Biggest Water theme park
  4. Sector and Mosques
  5. Water Pools and Spa Clubs
  6. Sewerage Treatment Plant
  7. Water Filtration Plant
  8. 3D Imax cinema
  9. Safari Zoo
  10. Adventure Club
  11. Gated community
  12. 24 hours security
  13. Public Transport
  14. Sports and Cultural Complex
  15. Police Station
  16. Well equipped Hospital.
  17. The wide network of carpeted roads and much more      

NOC Approval

RDA delivered the NOC to Blue World City against the empty letter no. RDA / MP & TF / F-PHS-PTR-10/148. As of: 19-02-2019

In the start, an initial planning authorization for approximately 427 kanals of land was granted to the company, after which another request was submitted to obtain planning and publicity authorization for 5 000 kanals of land.

The appeal was being processed with the RDA for months until August 2018. This new authorization is granted for phase 1, covering 5000 Kanal. For now, it is awaiting approval from the NOC of its extension area

The Blue World City property will cover a total area of ​​1534 Kanal and 05 Marlas and would be considered one of the largest housing companies in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

How to book Plot?

The process to book this plan is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

  1. 2 passport-size photos
  2. 1 copy of the owner’s identity card
  3. 1 copy of the candidate’s identity card
  4. 10% deposit in the form of cash, money order or online deposit.
  5. Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad

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Final Words.

The most affordable housing society to meet the modern accommodation and needs of people with bountiful amenities. The infrastructure is implemented right in accordance to meet with international standards.

Fix your place in such a luxurious society to experience the amenities that have never been experienced before!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Blue World City a legal housing company?

Yes ! The housing company is approved by the GDR and has also requested the renewal of the NOC for the extension area. Blue World City has the guarantee of a legal housing company.

When will the development work start and how long will it take for the company to develop fully?

The company's development work has started, with the construction of the main gate and the main boulevard almost complete. Landing work has also started in society. The development time given by the company at a given time is 3 to 4 years.

When will the possession of plots be given in society?

The possession of plots will be granted in 3 to 4 years. Basically, possession will be granted to the plots in phase 1 of the company due to the early development of the blocks in this phase.

Are there commercial plots available in the company?

Yes, there are different sizes of commercial plots available in the company, Further details can be seen in the payment plan that’s attached to the article above.



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