QURTABA CITY Islamabad is a housing society which is based on the slogan of peace and harmony. You can imagine concepts of society from the tagline. This society is a high concept base and works in favor of Islamic values. We have seen many societies that are flourished and work on modern infrastructure vision. But this society work without forgetting the values and cultures of Islam Isn’t it amazing?

Islamabad is a very beautiful city full of many serene. A healthy city that reflects uniqueness and diversity, nurturing the mind, body, and soul. With the addition of QURTABA CITY, it adds the value of Islamabad in many ways. QURTABA CITY compiles  the Islamic culture touch in the city and simply present investors a religious vibe to invest in the society with long term benefits.

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Owner And Developers

This valuable and knowledgeable housing society is the project of Madina ul Ilm. This landmark is the blend of peace and harmony associated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

This society visioned to develop a housing society that is based on loyalty. A society that promotes Islamic teaching and creates the environment of Islamic teachings and ethics with the touch of modernity.

This society missioned to develop a non-profit no loss society that is associated with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It believes in providing all the basic needs and facilities of life within the area. It also aims to provide a clear opportunity to investors with the planning of developing huge and commercial shopping centers and malls around the universities.

What is the Inspiration of Qurtba City?

If we talk about the conceptualization of this society then we can say that it’s based on Islamic values and cultures and similarly the concept and inspiration present by its Islamic base.

This housing society is inspired by Muslim city known QURTABA located in Spain. QURTBA CITY  always approaches the Islamic values and has packed or develop everything on Islamic concept. Even though the concept of indoor toilets introduce by QURTABA City

QURTABA CITY Islamabad is the housing society of Islamabad which is developed and engraved in many Islamic mosques and universities, which shows how much this society is serious in providing Islamic teachings.

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What Are The Main Attraction Of QURTABA City?

QURTABA City is an artistic housing society and there is no wonder it has plenty of main attractions. These main attractions make it clear catch for investors and its qualities make it unique from others.

Some of the main attraction is as follow:

A Grand Jamia Masjid

Qurtaba University projected to launch a new way of excellence and skilled individuals in Pakistan. Surely, the students from Pakistan, other countries, and all over the world will be welcomed to be part of this university. Its significance is:

  • Firstly, the university building itself would be a mastery of art and innovation and would later be known as a center for religious and modern studies in the country.
  • Knowledge of Islam and modern science was the pride of Qurtaba, including the history of Spain.
  • A modern and fully equipped international university located in the heart of the locality comprising 872 kanals (365,000 square meters).
  • The blocks will act as departments for specific subjects such as Islamic studies, sociology, medicine, and engineering.

Qurtaba University Islamabd

The Blue Hills Country Farm Houses are the pre-eminent solution to a luxe lifestyle with a promising calmness of mind.

A well-structured layout farm gives divine and unmatchable peaceful surroundings to its residents.

Considering Investment in the Blue Hills Country Farm Houses one of the wisest decisions is not wrong.

Investment in blue hills country farmhouses is not only available in affordable rates but it also eases your life by giving:

  • Comfort and Class
  • Elite infrastructure.
  • Trouble-free instalment plans
  • Secure your future at affordable rates.

Blue World City


NOC Approval

Property Division :

The QURTABA city is the project of Madina ul Ilm. QURTABA City Islamabad universal documentation and allotment have been completed.

QURTABA City is a credible housing company fully verified, licensed, and approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The government has issued the NOC of QURTABA City Islamabad.

Area And Categorization Of QURTABA City.

Property Division :

The total area of land is categorized into different zones. Every zone is packed with modern equipment and secure engineering works. Let’s get into it in details:

  • Zone 1 project work is all set for its completion while the development of other zones is underway.
  • Each area is connected by a large network of roads ranging from 100 to 300 feet.
  • Each area has its mosque. A huge mosque is going to be planned by the developers in phase 1 to facilitate the gathering of large numbers of Muslims for prayers.

The city of Qurtaba offers residential land of 138,272 and 500 square meters at affordable rates in cash or easily 2.5

Blue Hill Country Farm Houses Features

This housing society is specially developed to give the latest and improved lifestyle with its excellence. The value and demand of this place are escalating because of its well structured and well-designed terms offerings. This housing society is a package of all basic and lavish amenities, including:

  • Schools, park,s, and hospitals

    • Markets in all sectors
  • 200 Kanal Grand Jamiah Mosque

  • 300 ft Wide main boulevard and 200 ft. Wide Roads
  • 70 Kanal shopping area

  • Community Club

  • 138, 272, and 500 m². Garden plots

  • Qurtaba International University

  • Hotels, offices and vertical

  • Waterfront development

  • Commercial area reserved for women

  • Safari Park, Zoo & Theme Park

  • Business centers

  • Underground electricity

  • Securely closed community

  • Ecological environment

  • Integrated maintenance and security

  • Sewage system

  • Solid waste management and disposal systems

All the above-mentioned facilities make this society a priceless and peerless infrastructured society without any second thoughts. With the availability of all the updated amenities, it making the living of its residence simply soothing and reliable.

Investors can invest in it with the belief that it will be fruitful and benefit gaining in the future for sure. It is a city where your dream of living a peaceful life comes true to give your family a perfect environment.

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Location & Map

The city offers its residents the supremacy of a soothing ambiance. It is located just 25 minutes from Islamabad International Airport. It is also reachable from Rawalpindi Saddar via the Dhamial road.

If we measure the distance by car then QURTQBA city is located 40 away from the fuss and urban life of Islamabad city. It takes only 30 minutes from the new international airport, right next to the Chakri motorway interchange providing its residents’ opulence and grandeur.

Located on the Chakri motorway interchange in the Potohar valley, between the Sill and Sawan rivers, near the hills of Khairi Moorat.

The exact location of the city can be seen by the virtual map.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses Location Map

Why Invest In Qurtaba City Islamabad

This city is specially developed to give the latest and lifestyle with a blend of Islamic ethics to its investors. This highly Secure housing society offers an excellent living without going out of your budget.

Located in the vicinity makes with superb neighborhood makes it an ideal choice for investors. This fast developed housing society aims to offer comfort at affordable price

Delineated in such a wonderfully precise way that it offers its residents the opportunity to captivate their aims into reality. A masterpiece of technical design and architecture is designed to meet all classes of society and aims to fulfill everyone’s dream of owning a house, whether rich or poor. Some of its resilient benefits are:

  • 300-foot-wide main entrance complex
  • 100-foot wide private road for easy access from the highway
  • Streets at least 40 feet wide
  • Underground electricity
  • The separate market for women
  • Central Park and playground on 34 acres
  • Boundary wall and 24/7 security system
  • Wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal systems
  • Life of peace and harmony

Payment Plans

The detailed payment plan can be seen below:

How To Book In Qurtba City?

The process to book this plan is easy and completely secure. You just need to provide some documents such as:

2 passport-size photos

1 copy of the owner’s identity card

1 copy of the candidate’s identity card

10% deposit in the form of cash, money order, or online deposit.

Copies of the national identity card abroad for customers abroad

Book with an authorized dealer and forget all the stress. It not only eases the steps but also guides you in every step of investment. Simply discuss the idea of your house and let search us the best for you in no time

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MK Marketing Authorized Dealers

We are the finest leading state advisors A name you can trust on. Our policy gives credence to Professional civility, Satisfaction, and Security. We maintain the proficiency of people and keep our clients’ priority at first.

The giant and fame gain projects like Blue Word City Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Khanial homes, Park View city, and Blue Hills country farmhouses are topping the charts of MK Developers.

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1) Is the city of Qurtaba approved by NOC?

The NOC for this project is approved under the registration number. NOC / TMO / 105.

2) What types of plots are available in the city of Qurtaba?

The city of Qurtaba offers a variety of residential and commercial land within it. Comprising 138, 272, and 500 m². Yard sizes.

3) Who is the owner of the city of Qurtaba?

The owners of this iconic housing company is Madinatul-Ilm.

4) Where is it located?

It is located on the Chakri interchange at the highway near the Potohar Valley just 25 minutes from Islamabad International.

5) What are the reasons to invest in the city of Qurtaba?

One of the main reasons is it provides the concept and idealogy of Islam. It offers ideal commercial and residential opportunities for living and investing. It shows new modes and paths of living and has a plethora of unique features to meet people’s desires.

6) What is the difference between Qurtaba city other housing companies in Islamabad?

Undoubtlybthis society is significant and dominant from other societies because of its principles. A specially structured shopping area for women is also a unique concept that no other company offers. Residents can now enjoy a comfortable shopping experience without the presence of a man. Moreover, projects like the Grand Qurtaba Mosque and the Qurtaba International University will also become a resilient factor of this society and add points in its uniqueness.

Final Words

QURTABA City Islamabad including the biggest brand name in the retail will cater to all your needs with the blend of Islamic values and teachings in a most soothing and convenient way.

This society is best and guarantee to give you worth living. So don’t be late! Choose a suitable one! It’s high time to own your property. Invest Smartly.

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